Funded Trading

If you’re looking to get started in trading but don’t have a large pool of money to get started with, we can help. On completion of The Complete Online Trading Course’, once you have all the skills you need, you will have the option to sign up as a funded trader.

For just £249 per month, you will be given your own trading account, funded with $50,000 of real money for you to start trading on the London & New York markets. If you start delivering profits, your account size will be increased. Every time you reach 10% profit, your account size is doubled! You could soon be trading $1,000,000 fund.

Funded trading isn’t just about gaining experience, it’s also about making money! You get to keep 50% of all profits you make on your funded account, and the more your account grows, the more money you can make.

To get your trading career off to a flying start, learn the skills you need with The Complete Online Trading Course from Trading Tutor and get funded.

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