There is never any guarantee that you will make money, however the potential is limitless. The only barrier after gaining knowledge is in the difficulty of its application.

My workshops aim to remove that barrier, instil confidence and show you how to remove the gambling mentality that destroys many traders.

I would recommend a minimum of £3,500, of which you should never place more than £250 at risk on any single trade, although the minimum required is $5000 to trade Futures. This would be adequate for the methods taught in the 3 day course for day trading.

Yes. I teach the accurate interpretation of price direction, and this can be implemented on any time-frame, whether you wish to day trade for a living, or to take a longer view for gradual wealth accumulation. In fact, I have been developing and testing a specific long term method for those who do not wish to sit in front of a screen all day and the results over the past 6 months are highly impressive.

  • Complete newbies to trading (since I start from scratch).
  • Anyone who has an interest and has maybe even dabbled.
  • Investors who wish to manage their own retirement funds or any other wealth accumulation vehicle.
  • Traders who wish to improve their results.
  • Anybody who wishes to learn how to interpret price charts, fundamental data and market action for the purpose of trading for profit.

Yes. I will guarantee to support any attendee for as long as is necessary for him/her to achieve their desired success, by email and telephone. (This is applicable to intensive course only)

The only thing you have any control over in trading is how much you can lose. I teach and use very strict money management rules. Those traders who choose not to enter a protective stop into the market leave themselves wide open to unlimited losses. That is a choice made by the individual.

As for trading being gambling, this is only true for the uninformed person, who wishes to just take a punt without any analysis or reason for taking the trade. So, this too, is a matter of choice.