1: The Basics Of Trading – FREE MODULE

Learn how to day trade and invest with our complete home study course, with direct support from the author, Neville, who has over 15 years of trading knowledge and advice to impart.

Applicants to the course are via a live webinar in which many topics involving the progression to financial freedom are covered, as well as details of the teachings of the entire course. Not everyone is suited to trading and therefore applicants are selected through an informal telephone consultation, during which it will become clear to both the applicant and to Neville, the likelihood of success.

This free introductory module, delivered via the live webinar introduces you to the basics of day trading, covering the following topics:

  • Terminology
  • Reading Charts
  • Technical Indicators
  • Overview of the remaining 15 modules


Estimated Time: 2 Days Including Practice

Difficulty: Beginner

1: The Basics Of Trading


Learn the basics of trading by attending this free live webinar with Neville delivering Module 1, along with 10 steps to financial freedom, when you will be able to ask questions and gain useful tips.