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The Complete Online Trading Course

From Beginner To Professional

This fully comprehensive course will teach you to trade/invest for consistent profit. Whether you have no knowledge or experience of the markets or whether you have been trading with limited success, it will lead you from absolute beginner,  to competent Trader / Investor, eliminating the need for expensive trial and and error.

Support When You Need It

The modules are designed to build your knowledge, through practice, then to guide students right up to the end goal of consistent profits, without having to endure the void of a lack of support, which often comes with mass marketed, ill thought-out, automated programs.

You will be provided with all of the knowledge and support necessary to be able to trade for a living, and to be able to manage long and short term investments. There are theory modules, at the end of which there are practical exercises and assessments to develop the skill required.

An Experienced Tutor

The key to the success of students is direct access to the Tutor, for support and guidance, so that the skills learned in the program are correctly applied and the right level of discipline is instilled in order to turn the illusive corner of trading for a living. This home study course has been carefully developed with step by step instructions to develop a viable, profitable trading method which suits your style. Included are two 30 minute Q&A Zoom sessions with me.

How It Works

The Course

Neville will equip you with everything you need to begin, develop and capitalise upon your own financial trading portfolio and how to develop the right attitudes for success.

The Method

The teachings are focused, complete and time-tested. The step by steps will enrich you with the knowledge you need to be able to independently navigate the markets, whatever the conditions.

The Tutor

Neville Ali is the founder and course leader at Trading Tutor. His experience on a live trading floor helped Neville learn what it takes to become a successful trader.

Why Choose Trading Tutor?


See for yourself how easy this course is to follow with a free trial of the first module.

Easy To Grasp

Having been developed over 10 years, the course is formed of simple, jargon-free lessons which is suitable for both novice and advanced traders.

Tried & Tested

Neville has been actively trading for over 15 years, and has been running trading courses online and offline for over 10 years.

Help & Support

All course students will receive personal support from the Author and trader.

Not Just Data

Neville’s experience as a trader allows the course to cover topics such as strategy, risk, objectivity, opportunity and discipline.

About The Course

Skills Objectives:

At the end of the course each student should be able to:

  1. Clearly define their strategy and be able to write it down into a trading plan.
  2. Choose a market, analyse its chart and identify if there are any opportunities.
  3. Define the risk and the target in clear terms.
  4. Remain objective (to be able to change your mind about a trade if the variables have changed).
  5. Enter the order into the market and execute the trade without procrastination.
  6. Remain disciplined in the face of a string of losers or winners, and keep applying the same workable methodology.

Knowledge Objectives:

  • There will be a clear understanding of the correct use of different time frames and chart types including Market Profile.
  • A selection of technical indicators will be introduced.
  • There will be a thorough training of the use of Fibonacci ratios.
  • There will be thorough training and exercises in identifying institutional order flow.
  • Several traditional chart patterns will be explored.
  • The student will be armed with enough knowledge to be able to choose a style which suits their personality and incorporate it into a trading method and plan.
  • After 6-8 weeks, the student should be profitable and be developing his/her pattern recognition skills to increase the numbers of opportunities.

What Our Students Say


I invested in the full course and my god am I glad that I did.
There is an absolute wealth of information in the course that would otherwise have taken a lifetime to accumulate. By going through the subject matter I felt I was taking huge strides to become a successful trader. A great deal of the mysteries of the market vanished for me and the idea that I could trade successfully become more apparent.

There is no other course that I know of or any other means of increasing the competence of a beginner trader than studying this course thoroughly. You are taught to utilize every proven method of trading, every strategy and how to avoid every potential pitfall.

The compilation of the course has clearly been a labour of love for our instructor who’s life’s work appears to be facilitating beginner traders on their journey.

By the end of this course, I knew I had the skillset that only now needed to be developed and honed through experience.

My advice to any serious potential trader would be to absorb the information here like a sponge and then practise practise practise.

Thankyou Neville for you ongoing help and support.

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Haider Yousaf


I have been trying to understand and trade the financial markets for years. I have come across several mentors all of which have not led me on the road to success. I am now happy to say that since finding Neville and completing his trading course that I am now on that road.

Neville is the only honest and genuine mentor I have been able to find. As you progress through his course you begin to realise how the weeks complement each other and that via every module you are increasing your probability of entering a winning trade. A holy grail does not exist. There is a lot of content covered in each week and after only six weeks you will feel that you can approach the market with a lot more confidence.

At the end of each week there are practicals to complete which really tests your understanding. Neville is open to any queries and has provided me with prompt and clear feedback throughout the course, whether it be regarding the course’s material or my performance in the practicals. After the course, it is all about applying what you have learned to the financial markets to discover what works for you.

Neville is there to support you while you demo trade and will inform you when you are ready to go live. If you want to be a successful trader, I cannot recommend a better mentor or course to take you there.

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