My ever popular Three Day Trading Workshop will give you a complete crash course in everything you need to know to get started with trading. Designed to introduce you to the basics, this course will also teach you about the mentality that you need to be a successful trader – something drastically, and often catastrophically, overlooked by those getting started.

About The Course

Run from Loughton in Essex, you will be taught by someone (me!) who trades every single day – and with great success. With only a maximum of 5 other students in the class, this isn’t a lecture, but a proper, hands-on workshop, designed to help you achieve what you want, not just what I have.

So what’s the aim?

After this course, and with just 2-3 hours each evening, you will be equipped with the know how to easily make £100-£500 a day. All by following simple, step by step instructions.

What do I need?

I tell all my students that with an investment of £3,500, you can get right into the world of Forex and futures trading. Of course, you can do this with more or less, but this is the optimum amount.

What will I learn?

Amongst other things, my three day trading course is designed to introduce you to:

  • Forex candlestick patterns
  • Fibonacci sequences in trading
  • Advanced chart patterns
  • Risk management
  • Creating and developing trading plans

Sounds good, but is it for me?…

This course is designed for anyone who wants to be successful with Forex and futures trading. You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications, just a desire to be successful and a willingness to learn. Does this sound like you?