I know not everyone can afford the luxury to take 4 weeks off and join my full time trading course. That’s why I also offer a personal remote learning option. Providing you with email support for any questions, advice and evaluations you need, this is designed as a follow on for those who have attended my 2 day trading course.

Personal Remote Trading Tutor

Day trading is a complex system, and some facets of its practices are very difficult to master from the page of a book or website. That’s where your remote trading tutor (me!) comes in; giving you detailed explanations and demonstrations to help you get trading successfully.

Remote students will receive at least 2 videos of live trades each week, which will feature detailed explanations for entry and exit into those individual trades.

This online trading support also encompasses:

  • Risk management
  • Charting software
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Fibonacci analysis
  • Traditional mainstream chart patterns
  • Advanced chart patterns such as Gartleys, butterfly’s and three drives
  • Market profile, an advanced form of charting mostly used by floor traders
  • Entry points and exits.

Additional Online Resources

In order to ensure you are learning and progressing, you will be emailed examples of successful trades, and encouraged to send yours in to check comprehension and ability.

Simulated trading exercises will give you a platform to test your understanding and execution of live trades.

You will also receive weekly chart analysis updates to help you examine the marketplace and give you key insights.

All personalised to you!

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