There will be times during your journey to becoming a profitable Trader/Investor, when you just get stuck, and cannot figure out how to move on.  All of the books in the world will not give you the experience needed to succeed, and because so many give up the game in complete bewilderment, it is often difficult to find someone to turn to for guidance.

A mentoring programme with an experienced professional is the quickest way to overcome these difficult times, as he is likely to have been through and mastered what you may be experiencing.  Throwing money at the markets will not necessarily give you the right positive experience you need and can be devastating financially.

The service I am offering here is to assist you on your journey, and help you to overcome whatever difficulty you may be having in making a profit.  Having gone through every imaginable trial on my own journey, I am well equipped to show you the shortcuts out of the chasm.

I would recommend spending a day in my trading room, so that I can assess your approach to the markets and to understand your style of trading and objectives.  From here together we will produce a written trading plan, devise a log for you to keep, then over the course of the next 3 months, you would send me a daily or weekly log of all of your trades and outcomes.  This will reveal to me what is going wrong for you.  Once I know the problem you are facing, I will work with you to overcome it so that you may become profitable.

The programme will run for three months and includes one day in my trading room, followed by weekly calls on skype or landline, when we will discuss the trades you have taken so that you can receive the right guidance.

This service is provided one to one.

To book this service, give me a call beforehand for an informal chat.

Cost:  £ 1,495